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Football Ontario
Why This Organization Is Important to the Sport of Football and the Citizens of Ontario

Football Ontario was an organization born out of necessity. Firstly, to provide a unified voice for the sport of football within the province. But, more importantly, from the desire of participants wanting to compete and interact with one another across Ontario, and between provinces on an equitable level.

Over the past two decades the organization has evolved to a point where it provides many valuable services to the football playing community in Ontario. It promotes and delivers educational programs and
opportunities for coaches and officials to improve their skills. It provides skill development programs for athletes of all ages, and competitive opportunities for participants. Football Ontario provides opportunities to reconize the outstanding contributions and achievements of athletes and volunteers.

Football Ontario is viewed by members and participants alike, as the leader of the sport of football in Ontario. As such, Football Ontario has developed and implemented standards for competition, safety and education. The organization act to administer plans to ensure that the sport thrives and survives in the province of Ontario. To this end the organization has developed a variety of programs and entered into partnerships with other bodies to improve the financial stability of the sport and to aquire the necessary resources that will allow for growth to occur.

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